Pink on Pink

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Wait, did you say tone on tone? Hmm, I haven't had a chance to put away my Christmas decorations (which of course means, get one of the boys to take the tubs out to storage)! Now, don't judge me, at least I got most of the decorations down before I started back to school!

I love my Christmas trees. At one point, I had 7 of them gracing our house over the Christmas holidays. The past few years, being in school, I haven't had the time to set them all up. This year, I only managed to get the tree in the living room up, as well as a new Mannequin tree in the dining room.

Anyway, I still had access to all my decorations. Each tree is done in a different set of colours, or tone on tone. My dining room decorations are all in shades of pink and ivory, to go with the gold and burgundy theme of the room.

I spent time picking out just the right ornaments, and setting them up on the table I had already covered with a pink back drop (so it was a blanket, you use what you have).

I was happy with the result, but it needed a pop factor to me. One of the things I am known for by my family and friends, is my twisted sense of humour. Every tree has something creepy in it or on it, a nod towards Krampus (they made a movie last year). According to the Danes, the elves that work in Santa's workshop are not the glitter covered children in the Santa Clause movies, but rather eery little fellows with long legs and arms, pointed noses and pointed ears. I also have all these doll head ornaments, which I loved because they were so beautiful, but also because the thought of headless dolls under the tree made me laugh.

I was eager to see how my set up would look, and the result, while too long, was pretty much what I had seen in my head.

I didn't realize I made the display too wide, so some of it was cut off in post production. I actually ended up taking shots of either side of the display as well, and this one was my favourite...

Here a couple more of the shoot, with a nice big shot of the creepy doll head. Don't the eyes just follow you around?

Enjoy life, it goes by so fast.

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