What's on the Cover

So, create my own magazine cover. I wanted to include all the elements of a real magazine. This included the Masthead, selling line, date line, main image, main cover line, 3 additional cover lines, model credit, left third and bar code.

Choosing a genre for the magazine was easy, Boudoir. It is what I am focussing on right now. I am looking forward to helping people find the beauty within.

Finding a model was as close as my house. My talented daughter was more than willing to be a model for me, as long as I gave her credit for the hair and make-up, as she is just starting to build her clientele, and could use the exposure (pun intended).

Choosing the right font was everything. I knew I wanted something with a romantic vibe, and script seemed the obvious choice. But which script font? With thousands to choose from, I needed something that could be flowery, but still legible. I happened upon the Chopin Script, and found it matched the Apple Chancery script I had favoured up till now. The two melded together well.

And now, for a name. I know, pretty obvious, right? But if I were to create a magazine such as this, I would want prospective clients to know right away that it was about the photography, not the scantily clad women.

Here is the first draft I created:

After a showing with my peers where everyone critiqued every one's submission, I took this home and applied the suggestions the other photographers had. This is what I ended up with:

I tried several different poses, but I liked this one the best, because all though it has all the trademarks of a boudoir pose, it leaves everything to the imagination!

Here a couple of my outtakes, try not to judge too harshly.

The important thing is my daughter and I had the opportunity to spend an evening together laughing ("Mom, make sure you cover my bum"!), and I got some great shots for my creation!

Laughter and Love


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