Video Killed the Radio Star


Remember vinyl records? Almost everyone knows what they are thanks to the resurgence of interest in the music they created. The pops, bangs and hisses were what you expected. And the ability to hear the music directly off the vinyl was amazing. I remember going to sleep with the record player going without the sound on. I could just make out the wonderful sound of my favourite groups while drifting off to sleep, without getting in trouble from my parents for having my music too loud.

And the music! Growing up in the 70's and 80's, I had the unique blessing of hearing some of the best music to ever be created. Did that sound biased? Oh well. I can tell you that while doing this record cover, I had the music blaring, and my two adult boys were listening and singing along. What does that tell you?

Queen - man how I loved their music; still do. So I was thrilled to pick one of their albums to recreate. Sheer Heart Attack. It was one of their first albums, created in 1974 (never mind how old I was), I would sit by the radio and listen for their songs to come on. And to be able to purchase their records was awesome. I had everyone of their albums at one time. But time is cruel, and I only have a few of them left. Sheer Heart Attack did not survive the 9 plus moves I have made since first collecting their music.

So here is my interpretation of their album cover. The front is a shot from a recent concert I was at (no, it wasn't Queen, it was actually Joan Jett!). The back is a shot of a neighbours son's guitar. I used a low opacity shot of stage lights from a moving long exposure to give it that crazy, slightly psychedelic feel.

Hope you like it!

It doesn't matter what the music was, or what their original cover was like...I wanted to create something that reminded me of the music from that time, and this is what I came up with...


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