But is it really mine?

So here we are, 1 short week after graduation, and John and I have just picked up our new truck. This is very exciting for us, as we have been without a truck for the better part of two years. We live out in the country, and John is a Master Carpenter, constantly working on renovations on our century farmhouse. A truck is almost a necessity. So, as I was finishing school, we felt it was the right time to go and buy a truck...

Isn't she a beauty?

4 Wheel Drive, Automatic everything, cruise control, etc. Oh, and the colour is perfect as far as John is concerned - he calls it Maple Leaf Blue. I just think it's a nice colour, and not black. The interior is grey, which is fine, it should hide some of the dust and dirt that is going to accumulate in a very short time.

It also has a full size back seat that is big enough for the boys to fit in. And that is quite an accomplishment, considering they are both over six feet tall!Our Civic right now is so small neither of the boys can sit comfortably in the front seat, let alone the back.

For the first time ever we have a truck with a tonneau cover to keep it clean, and lockable for when I go shopping. It really makes the truck look pulled together.

Now, this vehicle was purchased two days before graduation, and picked up 5 days after. I say it is my graduation present.

John's birthday is in 4 days, and he says it is his birthday present.

Whose gift is it really?

Of course, I guess it doesn't really matter, the fact is we got this beautiful vehicle.

I will, naturally, be the one who drives it the most, as it will fit all my camera gear for photo shoots. John just needs it once in a while to pick up lumber as he is building my studio.

That makes it mine, right?

Love & Laughter,


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