Graduates All!

Well, we did it!

Three years, six semesters, 24 courses, 8 teachers, 2 cameras, 7 lenses, and over 10,000 images later, we have officially graduated from the Digital Photography and Imaging course at Georgian College.

Graduation was a blast, but happened really quickly. You arrive, and get in a line to get your gown and banner. Then you get in another line, or group, with your class. Then we got in alphabetical order in a line. Joined another line, and then began the long walk into the auditorium where all our families and friends were waiting. Speech, speech speech, and then the diplomas were given out. Get in line again to walk across the stage, shake hands with the Dean of the school, and across the stage and off. Quick picture behind the stage, and then we are given our real diplomas. Out from behind the stage, shake hands and hug our teachers, and back to our seats. Boom, a short 2 hours later, and we are officially graduates! Food and refreshments, a few pictures, and people are already leaving. We didn't even get a chance to get pictures with all our teachers, which was a shame. The other people in our course left quickly in order to get to parties, and we didn't have a chance to take a group picture, which I would have liked. But we did get a couple of pictures:

Myself, Peter Stranks, and Kris

Peter Stranks, genius photographer, amazing teacher, and just fun guy to experience the world of photography with. Thank you for your once in a lifetime extension on my assignment (and thank you for giving me one each semester!)

Myself, Anton Picard, and Kris

Tony Pikard, genius photographer and Photoshop expert, bless his heart, for putting up with all my questions, and being so far behind the rest of the kids when I started my course. (Do you know you actually intimidated me at the start of the course? Did you do that on purpose?)

Amanda, Myself, John, and Kristoffer

And of course my family for supporting me as I took this amazing journey into higher education with my son at my side! I really couldn't have done it alone.

Are we proud, yes we are. And we have such great plans moving forward. Kristoffer will be looking for work as a freelance Photoshop worker. I have started plans for opening a studio here in the house, and working as a Boudoir and Family photographer.

Just stay tuned, as great things start to happen!

Love and Laughter,


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