How hard can it be?

It sounds like a simple enough task: clean out a corner of the garage to build a studio...

I should probably explain that our garage is very large. It is relatively square, and will hold 4 cars, 2 side by side, 2 deep. When we first bought our house, everything we owned fit on skids in one quarter of the garage. Now, there are days when there is barely a path leading through the garage. In one corner of the garage there are two very large windows, and that is the corner of the garage I will be taking over for a studio.

Right now, that corner of the garage is filled with John's tools for both woodworking and automotive. It is easily as full and busy as the foliage picture I took at Bruce Bog in Algonquin park. Everything in it needs to be sorted, organized, and moved. And a lot of it looks the same.

John has promised to work on it whenever he has time. Now keep in mind, he works full time, and is re-siding our house during the weekends and days off. So, in order for him to have time off, it needs to be a rainy day. And it has rained a lot this summer... a lot. During the week, not the weekend.

So, here we are mid way through July, and there is little done. I don't want to start advertising my business until I have a studio to work in. But I need to work, so I am working freelance right now, without a studio or advertising. All my equipment is in my son's bedroom, and I have to constantly interrupt him to collect gear. It is inconvenient, but not impossible.

Now, add to that my need to go and spend time with my mother, who is ailing. My sister lives with her full time, but she needs periodic breaks in order to rejuvenate. So I am off to Mom's on the 13th for 5 days.

So, at the moment, I am without a studio...not an impossible task, lots of photographers work without studios. However, I am focusing my work on Boudoir, and this requires specific space to work. I don't want to have to lug all my equipment to a different location every time, not to mention all the props I have accumulated.

I just want my studio finished, how hard can that be?

Love & Laughter


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