We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave

Did someone say fall?

Um, no, it is hotter out there than it was during the summer, and here we are in the last days of September, and the first days of fall!

All those pools closed up early, all those sprinklers turned off.

Betcha wish you hadn't!

Here at PowerHouse Photography, the weather hasn't stopped us from getting work done; slowed it down, sure, but not stopped it.

I recently had a fellow student drop by and he had a chance to have a look at the construction site that is my studio. He had a couple of really great suggestions, and with approval from my Master Carpenter husband, we have changed the layout a bit. We are taking away a hallway to make more room for the studio itself, which will give me a length of just over 20 feet. This will give me ample space for my shoots. I am so excited!!

With all this construction and upheaval going on, it is important to continue to take those "me" moments to refresh your body and spirit. For me, editing in Photoshop is a breather moment. I can work on any picture I want. I actually have 10 or so pictures open at any given time, and I will pop from one to another and make changes as I go. I know a lot of people would gasp at this, but I find that it allows me to refocus on each picture, and see where changes can be made, or see mistakes I've made quicker.

It is what I do to relax. Other options include reading, scrapbooking, and yoga, all of which have the same effect for me - they relax me. I feel better once I have taken that "me" moment, and can get back to work with a fresh outlook.

Keep cool, everyone!

Love and Laughter


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