Busy, Busy, Busy

I have to say, when I decided to move away from photographing weddings and focus on Boudoir photography, I was more than a little hesitant!

Everybody wants wedding photographs, and there are hundreds of weddings in my area every weekend. And who doesn't want to immortalize such an important event? But as I became more and more involved in the photography world, I began to understand my desires and my limitations better. While I love working with beautiful women wanting to remember important moments on their wedding day, I realized that I was not able to work for 10-12 hours straight. Following these women around and trying to capture those moments as they were busy getting ready is no easy feat! And those moments are fleeting, and cannot be recaptured once the moment has passed. It can be very frustrating to work through that list of images, and possibly miss some of them. I can be very hard on myself while shooting, and it is a tremendous amount of pressure. I think only the best people who are able to work that long, and get those important moments should do the job. I have nothing but admiration for the talented photographers who work in that niche.

So, I can't do wedding images. But I want to capture the beauty of every woman out there. How? BOUDOIR!!!

A boudoir shoot is a wonderful event.

The client arrives in super casual clothes, with no worries about her looks except to make sure her hair is freshly washed. She doesn't have to do her make up, or worry about what happens next.

I welcome the client in to my studio (which had been my beautiful bedroom while the studio was being built). She then gets to meet the Hair and Make Up Artist, who is there to make her look even more beautiful than she already is. A quick discussion on the style of make up she is looking for, and the HMUA gets to work. The two of them have a lovely time chatting while the HMUA works her magic.

While the HMUA is busy at work, I am making sure everything is set up for the shoot. I like to shoot in two modes. First we work with the natural light coming through the two large windows in the studio. One window faces west, the other south. I have lovely options with that light to get just the right shadows and depths for the images I take. Once that is done, I close the room darkening drapes and pull down one of my back drops, and begin working with my lights. That is when the more dramatic images are taken.

By now the client is ready. I show her where to hang up the different outfits she has brought, and we start to work on choosing which outfit to wear first. I find that if they put on their most comfortable or favourite outfit first, it helps quell the nerves they may be feeling. I have a lovely antique rattan room divider for them to change behind, and then the fun begins.

With any luck, I am able to take between 150 and 200 different images for my client, talking and laughing all the while. It is quite the social event.

Once the shoot is finished, the client changes back into her casual clothes. She has the option of removing the make up, but most choose to leave it on, keeping the mood of the shoot going. We usually have a tray of snacks and sweets waiting for her to nibble on while I work on the images. (And yes, that is a guy in the group of images above. Just wanted to let the men know I can also work with them to make them feel sexy!)

While she is relaxing, I cull the images, choosing the best ones for her to see. I then choose my favourite, and photoshop the image. I want her to be able to see just how wonderful the images will be.

We then sit back down in the studio, and I show her the images we have created together. She and I then work through the images, picking out all her favourites. By the time she is leaving, she knows exactly what images she is getting, and the format in which she will be displaying them. I work with a couple of wonderful local companies. The Boudoir Album creates the most beautiful albums. Extreme Imaging does all the wall prints and loose prints that she chooses, and their work is above par.

We hug, and she leaves for the day, feeling beautiful, empowered, and happy.

And that is why I am a boudoir photographer. There really is no better feeling in the world! I never thought I would actually have the opportunity to work at something I love so deeply. It really doesn't feel like work at all.

Love & Laughter,


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