Helpful Hints before Your Shoot

It's important to know how to get ready for a Boudoir Shoot. Here are some ideas of what to bring with you, and ways to best prepare!


Bring an extra pair of stockings. There is nothing worse than having your

whole outfit put together and then getting a run in your stockings.

Wear loose fitting clothing to the boudoir studio as well as no

watches or socks.This is especially important if you’re having

makeup and hair done at the studio. Imagine having beautiful boudoir

photos but when you look close you can see bra strap lines on your

shoulders while wearing a strapless corset!

Bring your own foundation and lipstick, if possible. If you happen to

go to a separate makeup artist who is not quite experienced you could

end up looking trashy instead of classy. If you have your own foundation

and lipstick you can easily freshen it up for a more natural look.

Try on all your outfits before coming in for your appointment if possible.

You want to put an outfit on and look in the mirror and get that feeling

of “damn, I look good”, so your confidence shows in your photos.

If you have grey roots or you get highlights and foils, be sure to get

your hair done the week of your boudoir session. A boudoir studio

hair stylist cannot touch up your roots for you.

Book your appointment date post period. Staining white sheets, or

having a string hanging out of your sexy panty can be very

embarrassing, not to mention the bloating!

If you’re a plus size girl, or just don’t like your legs, Fishnet pantyhose

are your friend. They slim everyone’s legs, unlike thigh highs, which just

buckle on your thighs, accentuating the problem.

Do not drink any alcohol the night preceding your boudoir appointment,

and no salty foods. You will be dehydrated and your skin will look dry

and wrinkled. Salt will retain water, and that’s the last thing you want

when being photographed!

Do not shave your legs or underarms the day before or the day of the

shoot. It is very easy to leave cuts and raw skin. If you need to

remove hair right before, use a depillatory lotion, which will leave your

skin soft, with no abrasions.

All of these hints are just that, hints. There are a lot of ways to prepare for

your shoot, and you will know what works best for you. The list you just

read is hints from previous clients who have said "If only...".

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