I'm Back, And Better Than Ever

So here we are in the year 2019.

The last time I wrote in my blog, it was 2017, and my mother had just passed away. It was a dark time for me, as I was dealing with grief, a load of paperwork and responsibilities as the Executor to her will, and personal health issues.

By the time 2018 rolled around, my body had just about given up. Dealing with several issues, including Fibromyalgia, resulted in my being unable to function on a normal level. I was barely able to walk, in constant pain, and feeling down.

But then,

My doctor suggested I try a Pain Clinic. Now, I had tried every medication on the market for my Fibromyalgia, and was on other medication as well. I gave Cannibis a try, and discovered that it really did nothing for me, and was extremely expensive.

So off to the Pain Clinic I went. Well, within 3 months of starting a regimen there, and I was able to walk up stairs (one step at a time) and complete 1/2 an hour of yoga. Yay!!

As my ability to move around improved, my mood improved as well. I was finally able to deal with my own day to day care. I started photographing again. I went outside and enjoyed my backyard.

So here we are in the year 2019. I now go to the gym every other day with my son, Kristoffer, and we are both in much better health than we used to be. I love the time I spend there working on my body and my mind. My moods have improved greatly, and I have drive to get things accomplished once again.

I understand that times can be dark and depressing. But I also understand that with enough faith in yourself, and determination, you can begin to see a lighter place. I am now enjoying life much more than I was two years ago. I still miss my Mom (and my Dad, whom I lost three years earlier), but I know they are with me all the time. I talk to them during the day to day minutiae that we all have to go through.

It is a bright and beautiful day out, and I am working, I am healthy, and I am happy.

One really can't ask for much more.

Love and Laughter,


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