I'm how old?!?

So today is my birthday, hurray me!

Last year just before my birthday someone asked me how old I was and I said 53. Then my husband John quietly reminded me that I was in fact only going to turn 52. Oops!

At what point do we stop trying to make ourselves older and start trying to make ourselves younger? Do you remember how eager we all were to turn 18? 19? 21? And then it seems quite soon after that you start worrying about turning 30, like life was over at that point. Little did we know that then was when real life started! Getting married, having a family, buying a house, these were all things that made us feel like we were really living. All of a sudden our priorities started changing, what was important to us made us feel "old" when it should have been making us feel alive.

So now, I have joined the 50-year-old group. And it's okay. I am good with where I am, and what I have accomplished. But adding a year, now that's just not necessary!

Now does that mean that I have gained a year, or lost a year? I told everyone that it was because I was in school full-time, and all the students in my class that were my son's age or younger just made me feel old. Could be that was the problem.

Maybe it is because so much has happened in and around my life in the last 5 years, it just seems like more time has passed.

Perchance it is this Fibromyalgia I have, that causes something called "brain fog". I personally like that one...

Whatever the reason, I'm another year older. Thank goodness that 40 is the new 30. That makes 50 the new 40 which is 30...

Wait, how old am I?

Love & Laughter

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