My mother, my friend

Meet Esther, my Mom

Today, my Mom turns 84, and she is one of the most important people in my life.

I recently spent a week at my Mom's, taking care of her. She has had a rough go of it in the past few years. She currently needs constant care, so my sister is living with her full time now, as I mentioned a few posts ago. While my sister is off rejuvenating herself at her daughter's, Mom and I have had endless hours to talk.

She has had one of the most interesting lives I have heard. It is a joy to sit and listen to her stories. Some of them I have heard before, some of them I have heard MANY times before, but every so often she tells me a new story I haven't heard before. She has had a wonderful outlook on life, and it has been wonderful to be both her daughter and her friend.

As Mom's memory continues to deteriorate due to dementia, I think it is not only our duty to listen to her remember all the things that has happened in her life, but our privelige. She has so many memories, and I think it means a lot to her for someone to listen to them. I have created a scrapbook with her pictures from nursing school, and when we were young. My goal is to continue building it as time permits, but for now she is happy with what has been created and loves to show it to any who come to visit.

My sister and I have had the opportunity to have Mom share those memories with us. While she has been reminiscing, I have been recording her telling her stories. In time, I will transcribe all the stories so that my children can learn and remember about the amazing woman who was their grandmother... and they will also have the opportunity to hear the stories in her own words!

Take the time to listen, you'll be amazed at what you can learn!

Love & Laughter


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