Proper Con-text, Anyone?

Recently, my daughter and her beau had an argument. Now this is hardly newsworthy, but it was the way the argument presented itself that had my chuckling.

My daughter and her beau live a little more than 1 hour + 45 minutes apart. She works at a salon, and usually has to work the weekends, with several days off in the middle of the week. Likewise, her beau works at a restaurant, and seldom gets a weekend off. They see each other sporadically, based on schedules. Like all young adults, they text back and forth all day long, and late into the night. I doubt they go for more than a few hours at a time without texting.

But they seldom talk.

As I am sure you know, the generations that have come after me have a language all on their own, creating specifically for texting. "OMG R U 4 real?!?" means something to them. Naturally, in order to keep up, I have had to learn the meaning of these and many other acronyms that they use. ROTFL is one of my favourites; I thought it meant they were barfing, not laughing. And then there is the use of emojis, aren't they a blast? (All right, I admit it, I am having fun now that I now where to find them and how to use them).

Anyways, back to the argument. Apparently, he asked her something, she texted back sure. Now, I have no doubt she meant sure with a capital S at the front, and an exclamation at the end - Sure! He took it to mean sure with a small s and several u's in the middle to express a total lack of enthusiasm - suure.

One text lead to another, and by the time I heard about the argument, it had grown into a full blown "you don't love me" kind of thing.

Now remember, they are still only texting.

So I made my daughter call him. And he wouldn't answer. Numerous attempts later, I sent him a text telling him to answer the phone and talk to my daughter. It took them the better part of an hour to work things out when they were finally talking to each other. These are full grown adults, and I really did not want to get in the middle, but this was ridiculous! I told both of them that they needed to call and physically speak to each other at least once a week. They still did not see the need.

No matter how convenient it is, you cannot hear tone in a text...

Call someone and tell them you love them, it is so much better than an emoji!

Love & Laughter


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