Rain Softly Falling On the Ground

Good morning to all!

I woke up to rain this morning. The soft, you can barely see it kind of rain. The rain that is almost soundless, except when it builds up enough to drip off the leaves on the tree outside your window.

After more than a week of scorching weather here, it was a relief to see the lush green grass out there from the rain, and see all the animals coming out of their hiding spots to look for food.

I feel energized and renewed from this rain, and I feel like I can take on the world. It is beautiful outside and we need to spend more time outside appreciating the beauty that we have in the way of our landscape. I love to sit under a shady tree with a good book (either hard copy or on my tablet) and a nice cold drink. When the weather starts to turn colder, which it will soon, you will find my outside once again sitting under that very same tree, with a good book, a blanket, and a warm drink. Are we sensing a trend here?

We may have another short block of really warm weather, but I think that we are finally heading into my favourite season, fall. I always seem to get so much more accomplished in the fall than during any other season.

Right now I am trying to decide if I will decorate for fall, or go ahead and decorate for Hallowe'en. I think I will just decorate for Hallowe'en, because I can then bring the fall decorations out for the entire month of November. And still keep the agreement with my family to not decorate for Christmas until December.

Okay, I have my plan, time to set it into motion. Time to call the boys from their bedrooms to help me with all the lifting and pulling that is required by my decorations...

Love and Laughter


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