School's Out!

It's hard to believe that just three short years ago, my family told me I should become a professional photographer based on the years I had spent photographing family and friends, and their belief in my talent at it! 

I was at a cross-roads after a car accident (no pun intended). Neurological damage had left me unable to continue my work as an Executive Assistant for the President of a Not-for-Profit organization. While I could no longer spend hour after hour at a chair working on a computer, nor be able to work long uninterrupted hours, I was able to spend brief periods of time working at the computer. I really did enjoy photography, and I thought I might like to become a wedding photographer.

My son Kristoffer was also at loose ends, having already attended college but not enjoying what he had chosen as his field, accounting. He was also very much like my father, who hated office work, had been accountant, and given it up to become a gardener in order to work outside. Kris had taken photography during high school and really enjoyed it. Suffering from an Autism Spectrum Disorder required that Kris find specialized work where he was comfortable and in control.

With both Kris and I needing accommodations (assistance in one form or another) for a college program, it made sense that we would take a course together, so that I could offer the equivalence of a mentor or assistant to him, and he could help me with any assistance I needed for carrying equipment. After a brief discussion it was decided that we would take the photography course together.

It wasn't long into the course that Kristoffer discovered his niche, Photoshop. He has a feel for it, and while I was capable of doing the work, he is able to do it effortlessly. He needed my help in the sense of a mom telling her son to do his homework, and I needed help in the sense of a tutor. He remembered tricks our teacher would show us, and was able to show them to me again after class. 

I myself quickly discovered that wedding photography was not for me. Wedding photography requires hours of uninterrupted work at a very fast pace, and that wasn't something I was able to do anymore. The irony was that at the beginning of the course, I was one of only three or four people that wanted to do wedding photography, and by the end of the course there were more people interested in wedding photography than wasn't, and I wasn't one of them! 

Instead , I quickly became fascinated by Boudoir photography. The opportunity to work one on one with a person, male or female, and bring out their inner beauty was just so appealing to me.

So here we are, ready to begin a new chapter in our lives...

Excited and scared, but we'll keep you updated...

Love and Laughter,


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