welcome to September!

School has once again begun, and nothing here has changed!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against education, but for the moment, no one in the house is in school! For the first time in 24 years, I do not need to worry about getting up early, getting the kids ready to catch the buses, lunches being made, class schedules, homework, extra curricular activities, or assignments. This is very strange...

As we move farther into September, and the Fall season, I am looking forward to those wonderfully "warmish" days, where you might need a sweater, but you are neither hot nor cold. Fall is my favourite time of the year, with all the colours and smells here in the country. Bonfires in the backyard on a Saturday night is the best way to spend an evening. The picture above is of an adirondack chair that did not make it through the summer, and had to be destroyed. But it made for a lovely fire, and a great image.

Of course, things are always on the go here, it seems we never stop. We have not had a chance to have a dinner as a family since we went out for my birthday three weeks ago. Amanda is working full time and her schedule has her either opening or closing the salon. John works two weeks of days followed by two weeks of afternoons. Zachary's schedule changes almost daily, so that just leaves Kris and I. Each of the kids have started taking on responsibilities around the house to free up my time. Zachary and Amanda are doing most of the household shopping now, and it's fun to NOT have to head out to the store when I need something. Kristoffer has taken over the cleaning of the kitchen, and to his dismay, he has discovered that it gets messy constantly!

I myself have started looking into YouTube videos from other photographers to get inspiration for the styling of my salon, as well as an update to my website. I have business cards made, a copyrighted business name, email, phones, and letterhead. I am ready to forge into the unknown of Boudoir photography, so watch for updates on my progress...

Love & Laughter


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